First Blog Post

This is my first serious blog. I’ve recently started writing, typing away whatever comes to my mind in memos and notebooks. And I like it. As a friend of mine pointed out, writing is cathartic. And I think I’m sorta okay at this stuff. I’m certainly no genius. And I wanna improve. But since my stuff is stuffed in my hard drive, without feedback, I cannot improve (which is the keyword here). Those who cannot improve are trampled in the stampede of change. Hence, my first blog.

I wrote this blog at 3:29 am in the morning /night (please don’t try this at home kids), and it seems that night is the best time to be creative. In my case, daylight seems to take away the silence and isolation needed to write. (can’t write in the day without someone sneaking up to see what I’m doing, and where’s the fun in that?) And night has a peculiar aroma that flavours your writing. 

Getting a good domain was a struggle. After a couple of original names that turned out you had to pay for, I ended up with paramedicparaphernalia. Alliterism has its allures. I don’t wanna pay for a domain until I get the hang of running a blog.

I’ll be posting some of my works here, an assortment of thoughts, stories and parodies and that I hope entertain and provoke thought. Bury me with comments, feed me with feedback, and see y’all at the next post. Ciao


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