Subject 001 [Part 1]

Subject 001, or Ruthvik Shambulingappa Pallagatti as he is commonly known, is a very unique creature. The author and his team has known him/it for exactly 1 year, 7 months and 7 days now, and are still no closer to figuring him out. His unique intellect puzzles many researchers to this day. This is a memoir to this man(?)

The author and 001 met at the start of Year 11. It was pretty much the normal fare- a couple of newbies, sticking together. He was a shy guy, bottled up (for the better, some say), somewhat puerile, not speaking much; a pupa, metamorphosing. The author was the introvert. Some peculiar gravity drew them close.

It was pretty normal for a long time. Not much happened on the surface. Months dragged by with no significance to our tale. But things were going on, underneath. The author had just begun to scratch the surface of his exceptional prowess in analysing other people’s minds (it may explain his popularity with the fairer sex). It must’ve been there the whole time, latent, maturing with him, like a fine wine. His friends acted catalyst, we suppose. 001 and he coexisted in the same classroom, oblivious of their hidden depths

There was nothing of note in 001’s life in the meantime. As things stood in the November of 2016, he was still latent. His subconscious was biding its time, perhaps. Was it a coincidence that its germination began just as Donald Trump was elected? We may never know.

What we do know, however, is that things began to change as of December 19. The event of note that triggered things was RYLA. We cannot divulge the nature of the event, for reasons of privacy, though what we can say is that this event perhaps triggered the vapidity and superfluence that has infested our school. (People were given an opportunity to test the personality they wanted, and, surprise surprise, used it only to make mockery of the opportunity). The author confesses that some part of him enjoyed this parody. But we digress.

This was the event that must’ve triggered RSP’s decision of sharing his enhanced intellect with the world at large, as he was transitioning into the adult stage of his species, (gestures like this constitute the mating ritual in his species, perhaps). His generosity must be appreciated, misguided as it would prove later, for us mortals cannot grasp the convulated logic behind his words. Whatever he said, we mocked, like the savages who mock the honorable Premier Kim Jong Un.

Even at this point the author was oblivious to 001’s symptoms. Obviously, he had much to learn.


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