Subject 001 [Part 2]

We lost contact with the subject for a brief time, about a month or so. This was the period after our final exams.

Those of us who had passed the exams were in for a big surprise come Year 12.

In this time, something must’ve triggered the crystallisation of Subject 001 metamorphoses, as resumption of observation revealed startling changes

Scans indicated activity between his two hemispheres had increased exponentially. His IQ was estimated at an incredible 256 points [though we couldn’t perform any actual tests on him due to his incompatibility with conventional IQ tests]. 001 was virtually a genius. Although it was true that 001’s brain was actually smaller in size than most primates’, it was assumed from his mental abilities and brain structure that it was intellectually superior to an average Homo sapien specimen.

RSP had transformed from a “dweeb” into a “dumb piece of shit”

The effect was staggering. The changes became obvious as the new term began. As discussions over critical scientific and political issues began in our gaggle, 001’s participation increased exponentially. Soon, his words dominated every argument. We were mesmerised with his wordplay.

An informal survey revealed that RSP had transformed from a “dweeb” into a “dumb piece of shit”, according to popular opinion. [although these terms must be taken with a grain of salt, considering the jealousy over 001’s considerable intellectual prowess].

We were amazed. Never before in our respective professional careers had we seen such a unique mind. 001’s take on thinking was way beyond our league. His logic was more convoluted than tangled earphones, and not even the most lucid of us could not even begin to decipher it.

Our research began in earnest. We decided to not let an opportunity like this go to waste. 001’s obvious mental and psychological differences along with other phenomena such as his failure in mating, and his sexual attraction to ostriches, hinted that we had perhaps discovered a new sentient species [objection to word ‘sentient’ w.r.t 001 overruled]

001 was too radical to be understood by humans.

Me and my associates tested him rigorously, not understand any results we had obtained so painstakingly. What little we understood was this: 001 was too radical in his psychology to be understood.

One of the special features we observed of the exposure to some of 001’s words [ labelled as keywords; see file C/345/9*] was that they produced loud laughter in test subjects succeeded by mockery and disdain of 001. Perhaps it was an evolutionary defense mechanism inside us, protecting us from realising 001’s obvious superiority. It was fascinating to watch.

We named this new species Homo ruthvikensis

Considering such an advanced being to be human would’ve been very unfair, and so we decided to name him/it Homo ruthvikensis, according to proper IUPAC nomenclature. Of course, the blokes at IUPAC refused to accept our discovery. Perhaps that too was the defense mechanism I had hypothesised.

Despite such a negative response from the international community, we persisted in our research. Homo ruthvikensis and its related phenomena was filed under the project of codename `Disappointment`.
[For similar phenomena see file sVcc//D1cK]

We continued our studies. But although we spent countless work hours and a huge workforce in this task, all our efforts continued to be fruitless.

001 was increasingly referred to as “a dumb animal”, and a “devolution”.

At this stage some of my colleagues began to be adversely affected by the ‘Disappointment effect’, and this was reflected in their reports. 001 was increasingly referred to as “a dumb animal”, and a “devolution”. I hadn’t anticipated this. I had to remove all personnel affected for their loss of unbiased rationality. And eventually only I was left unaffected.

This was a major blow to our efforts in understanding 001. I was left with very little resources and personnel.

And at this time (a month after the vacations), 001’s symptoms began to subside. A very unfortunate coincidence.

It appeared that 001 was morphing himself to match human behaviour. His talk started to become utterly mundane, no longer tantalisingly convoluted. The ‘Disappointment Effect’ subsided, so much so that 001 began conversing with a large number of oblivious people. Subsequent IQ tests indicated his intelligence at a measly 101 points. [better than the average American score, if that’s a consolation]

He even had limited success at human mating rituals, and until recently had a human partner.

It was sad to see such a majestic creature hide his obvious superiority. Such potential, all wasted.

Ruthvik SP had turned into an utterly normal human being.

I suspect this conversion is not permanent, and it may as well be a sham. 001 still reverts back occasionally, but his intensity and intellectual prowess is not the same as before. All it does is help him fit in better.

I may perhaps be the only person in the world today who knows 001 for what he is. My former colleagues mock me . And civilians express only disbelief. I have warned them of the dangers of letting 001 loose upon the world. But no one listens.

I suspect world will soon be ruled by Homo ruthvikensis.

After observing 001 up close for such a long time, I believe soon the biosphere will overrun by the superior Homo ruthvikensis, and Homo sapiens will be relegated to dusty history books. Don’t say I didn’t warn y’all.

After all, we too ate the Neanderthals. The only consolation is that 001 is a vegetarian.

And apparently the meek will indeed be inheriting the earth.

The irony is not lost on me


8 thoughts on “Subject 001 [Part 2]

      1. I can eat meat, only when the situation demands it. There is no inner desire.
        And I do eat eggs regularly. (now clear?)
        lol its quite weird to answer comments on a blog about you when others have doubts about your lifestyle and are craving for the man to answer himself.

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