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Hey there guys! My blog is now 5 posts old, and so I thought I’d make a post about what’s coming up next. I like the response I got, although you lazy blokes just refuse to comment no matter how much I plead. I’ve got a lot of drafts and concepts lined up, and I think you’re going to like ’em. 

I cooked up a concept for a series of articles called ‘Unpopular Opinions’, where I take an unpopular opinion (for example – ‘Donald Trump is right’) and and defend it. Got the idea in the shower. I’m going to demolish a lot of preconceptions in there. It’s going to be lots of fun. 

I’m also writing a satirical series on my classmates, the entrée of which is the now infamous ‘Subject 001’. You’re going to like it. 

Also lined up is ‘Love Letter to Semicolon’, where I write a spoof letter to the English punctuation. Semicolon is the underdog of punctuation, and I’d like to give her a place on the stage. 

These are just concepts right now, and will take some time, but worry not! I’ve got a couple of drafts that will be ready to publish in a the coming week. 

In the meanwhile, I’d like to see your ideas. Comment below about what you’d like to see me write. Could be ideas on what opinions you want to see me defend, or an idea for a short story; whatever comes to your mind. Don’t like my site decor? Comment below. Want me to change my writing style? Comment. Don’t be shy. It defeats the purpose of this blog when I don’t get reviews. And give me details. What exactly did you not like? What did you like? What could be improved? 


Anyway, thanks for reading. Ciao


9 thoughts on “Second Blog Post

  1. I like the love letter to a semicolon. That’s brilliant; I’m quite fond of them. (See what I did there?)

    I don’t know what to tell you on the unpopular opinion thing. I hate to stomp on people’s ideas, but honestly, you’re just begging for trolls to come and shut you down. You have a light touch with the satire; people will take you at face value because, well, partly from just skimming your blog posts and partly because some people have NO SENSE OF HUMOR AT ALL about this stuff.

    I remember thinking, “Hey, now that I’ve got this blog, what do I do with it?” I asked on my online writing forum and got a lot of lousy ideas. (History of folklore, which can be a snoozefest for many, and I don’t recommend joining the tanka and haiku challenges.)

    I think a blog should do more than a Facebook page or profile, so posting a cute little meme or pretty photo seems like overkill for the medium.

    So, why the blog? Are there things you want to say? Anything you’re passionate about besides politics? Are you trying to build a budding writing career? If so, you really need to stay away from politics unless you’re going to be a political writer. I didn’t vote for either Trump or Hillary (I wrote in a candidate), but I don’t want to alienate those of my readers who did. And that’s as political as I get. Be very careful. Once it’s out there on the internet, it can be an albatross around your neck forever.

    The best advice I’ve gotten is to try to make your blog “high concept,” which is lousy terminology, since it sounds ivory tower and what it really means is writing posts that a lot of people can relate to. And okay, everyone can relate to current events, but that doesn’t mean we want to read endless commentary on it either.

    One recommendation I’ve been planning to try is brainstorming a word cloud of everything important about you. And important doesn’t have to be earth-shattering, just an attribute you’re familiar with. Anything funny is good. I’ve been thinking of writing something on the perils of procrastination, for instance. Lots of people can relate to that. Or did you ever have a day when EVERYTHING went wrong (in a non-tragic way)? Perhaps you can really run with the comedy of errors thing. You could write a hilarious post on coffee vs. tea, get people to post, and no one will be pissed at you afterward.

    Or not. I’m just spitballing here, since I have little info on your motivations or strengths.

    As regards your blog theme, I have a cordial dislike of blogs that require me to click on a menu. I want it right there where I can see it. There’s nothing wrong about your background image, but it doesn’t tell me anything about your blog, either. Maybe you can dial that in once you decide on a voice for your blog.

    Hope something here helps. 🙂

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    1. Thanks a ton! You’re the first person to give me such an in-depth feedback, and I really needed it.

      My blog… Well, honestly, I don’t think I know where I’m going with it! I’m a non-anglophone, so I needed a platform to improve my writing. Blogging, I hope, would provide me that platform. I wanted to experiment with different mediums and styles– nothing too specific. It’s a hobby…

      I think you’re right about the unpopular opinions thing. I just wanted to test my skills at writing an argumentative essay. I wanted people to see the other side of the argument. I’m a Muslim, and I personally think Trump’s an asshole, but I think we gotta atleast take a look at what he’s got to say. I mean, he can’t be as dumb as he looks, right? Or maybe not 😅

      My intention was to make people think rationally about things that usually make them grimace. Issues such as, say, eugenics; people hear the word eugenics and all they see is evil Nazi scientists in dimly lit labs doing nasty experiments. I wanted to change that.

      Sorry about the layout. I’m a complete newbie, so I don’t really know how these things work. I’m working on it. It’s been only a couple of weeks since I started, so, yeah, it’s a work in progress. Anyway, thanks for the heads-up! You’ve been really, really helpful! ❤☺

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      1. You know, perhaps you could write about a Muslim perspective, at least sometimes. I just saw a terrific movie–it was hardly a new release since it came out in 2005, but I’m just getting the memo. It was called The Keeper–the Legend of Omar Khayyam, and I loved all the Persian history, and especially getting it from the viewpoint of a Muslim (I’m Catholic) that I’d quite enjoy sitting down with to shoot the breeze. Omar Khayyam was portrayed as a very rational man, highly educated besides the Koran, and I think it’s good for those of us who don’t have any Muslim friends at the moment. Other perspectives are thought-provoking on their own.

        Eugenics…the GMO thing has been useful in some ways, and in others, not. That might be a good angle.

        Things that provoke thought and stir conversation could be very high concept. As with so many ideas, it’s all going to depend on execution. I’d just stay away from things that are super-controversial. I don’t get the Trump supporters, but some of them are actually good friends, so I try to be kind and open-minded on the subject. It helps that I don’t read his tweets.

        The word cloud thing works something like this. A gal wrote sweet romances that involved horses and cowboys, so she ended up blogging about horse training, but using it as a place to start for topics that also affect humans. Working through fear, consistency, friendship–all that sort of thing. Since I write fantasy, I was considering starting a series on fairy tales. Why is Cinderella so popular for so many cultures? Is it the rags to riches thing or is it more about good character being rewarded?

        You could also read popular stuff like the Huffington Post to see what people are interested in. Some of my best work comes from reading things that I think are too simplistic or miss the main point. Or perhaps they don’t consider what this sort of thing means from a Muslim perspective. Lots of women blog on overlooked female perspectives. That sort of thing.

        Anyway, put some thought in it, and I’m sure you’ll do fine. 🙂

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  2. Writing about a Muslim perspective 🤔. That’s a good idea. Thanks for the suggestions! Couldn’t be more helpful! 🙂

    PS: I meant human eugenics. Plant eugenics has pretty much been practised since the birth of agriculture. And well, tbh, I don’t really understand why people are so against GMOs.

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