Hey there, reader! Welcome to my blog. I’m Ausaf Rahman– a 17 years old, who likes to, among other things, read and write. I passed out of high school this year, and while writing isn’t the career I’m going with, (it’s medicine), it’s still a very dear hobby of mine.

I’ve always loved reading; doesn’t matter what the language or content might be, as long as it’s legible. And reading led me to writing— the fascinating art of expressing emotions and sensory stimuli through just a couple of scratches on any surface available. It’s amazing when you think about it: we literally hallucinate to scratches on paper— no drugs involved. Good authors are more skilled than even psychiatrists in playing with your mind. And that is something that simply fascinates me.

So here we are. You are my test subject (goes nicely with the name, doesn’t it?), and I’m going to run some experiments on you, and see how I progress. Of course, every good experiments always needs loads of data, and for that, I’m going to need you to help me out. Tell me what you liked or didn’t like about the website, my posts, my writing style, or anything that catches your eye. Every little bit helps

Thanks and see you around. Ciao